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10+ billion parameters | 25+ million companies | 300+ million contacts

You can have your cake & eat it too

Traditional data providers usually make you choose between Accuracy, Depth, and Breadth. We said, “Why not all three?” Experience our Triple Action Formula.


No more second-guessing. Our data is verified, validated, and ready for action. Dive in with confidence.


Surface data isn't enough. We go deeper, unearthing insights that power your best decisions.


From A to Z, niche to broad, our extensive range ensures you never miss an opportunity.

Key features

Powerful tools for businesses that refuse to settle.

Advanced Contact Discovery

Find the needle in the haystack, every time.

Deep Business Insights

See beyond the surface. Dive into actionable data.

Intent Data

Know who's interested, before making the first move.

Bulk Lookup

Multiple leads? No problem. Search en masse, save time.

In-depth filters

Refine your search. Get exactly what you're looking for.

Pre-verified contacts

No cold feet here. Engage with confidence.

Chrome Extension

Browse with power. Instant insights, right inside your browser.

API Integrations

Seamless connections. Integrate and elevate your workflow.

Technology Lookup

Peek under the hood. Discover what drives businesses technologically.

Data Enrichment

Got your own data? Take it to the next level by enriching it with ours

Smart List Builder

Create custom lists, get smart recommendations.


Get real-time updates for real-time decisions.

Powered by PreCore Standard Technology

Experience the trifecta of data intelligence with PreCore Standard Technology. Revolutionize your decision-making process. Transform your results.

Predictive (Pre):
Stay one step ahead. Our technology anticipates market trends, user behaviors, and business opportunities, ensuring you’re not just in the game, but leading it.

Contextual (Co):
It’s not just about data, but the story behind it. Dive into insights that understand the ‘why’, ‘how’, and ‘when’, placing information within a meaningful framework.

Real-time (Re):
In the age of now, stale data is a relic. Access live updates, real-time analytics, and instant insights. Be in the moment, every moment.

What early beta users are saying..

"top stuff. I've been in sales for 10+ years & this thing just works. Less clunky than the legacy tools I've been using"
Senior Sales Exec
⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
"for selfish reasons, I wish they remain under the radar so less people use this thing. It's good"
Sales Team Head
⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Frequently Asked Questions

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Because you deserve more than just data. You also deserve more than accuracy, depth, and breadth. With our PreCore Standard Technology, you also get Context, Real-Time Updates & Predictions.

Powered by AI of course! 💯 

From tech giants to boutique bakeries, our range is vast. If it’s a business, you’ll find it here. If you don’t, we’ll dig it up for you.

Absolutely. Our data plays well with others. Seamlessly integrate and elevate your workflow.

It's not just better. It's different. Try Superflow

Stop settling for average. Unlock a world of pinpoint accuracy, unparalleled depth, and unmatched breadth. Are you in?

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